Avoid Hospitals Like the Plague! Here’s Why…

Imagine for a moment that you have a critical health problem and that your doctor’s office has stopped answering the phone – either because some type of emergency (flood, power outage) has forced them to close, or because they have a barrage of new patients imposed on them by the Obamacare mandates of free healthcare for all.
The very same types of shutdowns or overloaded conditions could occur at your local health clinic or regional hospital without notice or warning. Social chaos, natural disaster, or socialized medicine could all result in greatly diminished access (or no access) to healthcare services at any time.

Test Everything from Your Cholesterol Levels
to Your Thyroid Function to Your Insulin Sensitivity

Boarded Up Hospital
The more we look into medical home-testing kits, the more impressed we are by the variety of ailments for which you can test yourself. Most tests involve a cotton swab and saliva, or a quick pinprick and a few drops of blood.
Using a wide array of home-testing kits is beneficial for a number of reasons: You can monitor your health between annual medical exams, and in some situations it can help you detect diseases earlier when they’re more easily treated. And if some sort of major national medical emergency were to occur, you would have alternative means by which to keep track of your general health until the situation blows over.
With some of the tests, you seal up your sample, send it to the lab, and in a few days you get your results. Other tests provide you with immediate feedback – no lab needed! The most common home-testing kits available include tests for…
  • Cholesterol: Imagine being able to test your cholesterol levels from the comfort of your own home. Multiple companies offer cholesterol-testing kits that use a finger prick to collect blood. Within five minutes you’ll have a read-out of your LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.
  • Thyroid Function: Millions of Americans live with a thyroid disorder and don’t even realize it. Thyroid dysfunction can lead to obesity, blood-pressure problems, an increased risk of diabetes, and an increased risk of heart disease. If you or a loved one struggle with health issues, and your doctors haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong, it may be a problem with your thyroid. A home test can help you find out.
You can also find home-testing kits to test for allergies, to measure your PSA levels, to check hormone levels, to test your C-Reactive protein levels, and for many other potential health problems.
Now, we’re not suggesting you should use home-testing kits to replace care from a doctor. But, you can use these kits to take more control of your healthcare and to have options should access to your usual providers be impaired under the scenarios we mentioned earlier.

Stay Away from Overcrowded Hospitals
and Doctors’ Offices

Boarded Up Hospital
One of the last places you want to be is in a doctor’s office or a hospital. Sure, a visit to the doctor now and again is unavoidable. But, think about it – doctors’ offices and hospitals are where sick people gather.
Whenever you go to these medical centers and waiting rooms, you run the risk of putting yourself in close vicinity to someone with a contagious disease. We’re not sure about you, but we don’t really care to go to the doctor only to end up sick with a head cold or a nasty case of the flu, even though that’s not what we were in to see him about.
It’s worse than being on an airplane or a city bus.
And hospitals! An estimated 200,000 Americans die in hospitals every year from preventable errors.

If early detection of a medical problem from a home-testing kit makes it possible for you to get treated without being hospitalized, that could be the thing that saves your life.

Keep More Green in Your Wallet

Taking a trip to your local doctor to get blood drawn and a cholesterol panel will run about $100 or more for the visit, depending on your doctor’s rates, plus anywhere from $50 to $300 for the lab test, depending on the lab it goes to.
You can get a cholesterol test kit from Amazon for around $40. You run the test. If there’s a problem, you make an appointment and go see your doctor. The doctor may run the test again. But if there’s no problem, you save hundreds.
That’s a big chunk of change. Plus home testing is more convenient. There’s no waiting. No early morning lab appointments. No missed time at work.
If you’re one of the many thousands-going-on-millions of people who have lost your medical insurance in the face of the recent passage of the devastating healthcare bill, home testing can make it practical for you to monitor your health without draining your bank account.
This is a benefit that could quite literally save your life.
If you avoid going to your doctor because of the high out-of-pocket costs for office visits and lab tests, then testing yourself for the most common and deadly chronic diseases is a great alternative.

It’s Your Health
Put More Power in Your Own Hands

When you use home-testing kits, you’ll also avoid doctor resistance. The over-regulated, over-burdened healthcare system means that sometimes doctors are shoving tests at you that you don’t need, and other times they’re refusing to give you tests that you request… because they don’t think they’re necessary.
Medical Home Testing Kits
It’s enough to make you pull your hair out.
For example, if you believe you have a food allergy that’s affecting your health and energy, but you’re not showing any acute allergy symptoms, it’s a crapshoot whether you’ll be able to get your doctor to run a test for you.
A doctor may humor your test request, or he may just wave it off as an unnecessary expense.
But, with home-testing kits, you can get the tests you think you need when you need them – without having to convince your doctor that the test merits a closer look.
This gives you greater control over your health and more peace of mind, too.

Increase Your Medical Self-Reliance Immediately

Medical home-testing kits are an affordable, smart way to take more control of your health. There are many companies that offer these kits. Home Health Testing and Test Medical Symptoms at Home, Inc. (TMS) are two that you can check out online. You can also find some medical home-testing kits on Amazon. Two key sites to kick off your personal research:
  1. Test Medical Symptoms at Home (http://www.testsymptomsathome.com/)
  2. Home Health Testing (http://www.homehealthtesting.com/)
We recommend you look into what’s available. After all, now more than ever, you need to be ready for anything.