Experts: Major Biological Attack to Occur Soon

When the 9/11 attacks happened, the government’s ability to install a police state was limited by the administrative machinery then available to bureaucrats.
But today, if another major terror attack occurs, the central government has built a fearsome and immediate capability to clamp down on your freedom of movement, as well as many other liberties you currently enjoy.

The Countdown Has Already Started

Biological Attack
The bulk of the government’s planning so far has been put into response, not prevention. In other words, they are just going to let the attack happen, stuff the bodies in body bags, and deal with the consequences after the fact.
To be sure, intelligence agencies do monitor threats and, theoretically, can prevent attacks. But, no matter what resources are spent, intelligence services simply can’t be everywhere at once. That’s an unachievable goal, even assuming it were a worthy one.

Government Medical Response
Will Leave Us ALL Out in the Cold

In the case of a biological attack, the response by government officials may be as frightening as the attack itself. Because many biological agents are contagions, government personnel won’t just clean up, treat the wounded, and call it a day. A biological attack will likely create an ongoing crisis. During such a crisis, both state and federal officials have broad powers that they can call upon to try to contain the spread of disease.
For example, in New York, state and city officials have published a legal handbook on response protocols for a major epidemic that results from a terrorist attack or from natural causes. Local governments have the power to “establish curfews, quarantine wide areas, close businesses, restrict public assemblies, and, under certain circumstances, suspend local ordinances.”
That’s right. They can shut down your business, prevent you from gathering in groups, and keep you contained in a small area if they think it will help stop the spread of disease.
Basically, if they consider you to be within the radius of the theoretical spread of the disease, you may not be allowed to leave. Simply living within, say, five miles of one victim of the attack is all it might take to be stripped of your civil liberties.
The point we’re trying to get across here is this: should a major biological attack occur, civilians could be held hostage within potentially contaminated zones. You can be sure your own wishes are not going to garner any personal concern among government officials.

Personal Preparedness Is the Only Solution

Emergency Checklist
This is one threat you should take very seriously. One member of the U.S. Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism said that time is working against us. Extremists are motivated and not confined by rules and laws, and they’ll often be able to outpace efforts to detect and deter them.
That’s why personal preparation for these and other health dangers is warranted. Here are a few practices you should adopt:
Immune boosting: If you know you’re going to be around crowds (say, a concert, a major metropolitan area, a shopping mall, or a state fair) or you know you’re going to be traveling by plane, start taking supplements that will give your immune system a little extra kick. Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A, a probiotic, and elderberry extract make for a good immune-enhancing combination.
Frequent hand washing: When you’re out in public, wash your hands a lot. Wash before you eat, after you shake hands (as soon as is convenient without being rude, or consider refraining from shaking hands in the first place), after handling any common property (door handles, ATMS, self-service kiosks, and pay phones are particularly filthy examples – We know nobody uses pay phones any more, but you get the idea), after using the restroom, and after milling through a crowd.
Skirt the crowds: Whenever you can, skirt crowds of people rather than going through the middle. At a subway station, move around the edges of the crowd, for example. The concentration of exhaled germs in the air will be lower around the edges than in the middle.
Hydrate: Drink lots of water… every day. Your immune system and your organs need plenty of water to flush out toxins and to function optimally. Without enough water, your immune system slows down, which makes you a prime target for illness. Remember that a solution to pollution is dilution… and nowhere does this apply more than within your own body.
Carry handy wipes: Carry a pack of alcohol-based handy wipes for when it isn’t possible for you to use soap and water to wash up.

One More Option
for Your Survival Tool Bag

Should you or a family member get sick with a deadly disease, it may be worth your while to find a doctor who is willing to augment traditional treatments with intravenous vitamin C. Mega-doses of vitamin C delivered through an IV can provide your body’s immune system with the fuel it needs to keep fighting. It’s an inexpensive treatment and may be very effective.
In the book Curing the Incurable, the author, an M.D., catalogs studies of intravenous vitamin C as a treatment for a wide array of illnesses from polio to cancer to viral infections. In most cases, the treatment proved helpful. In no case did it cause harm.
Finally, do your best to avoid government-run vaccination and treatment centers at all costs.