Circumstances Force Americans to Rediscover Low Profile Self-Reliance

Wake-up Call!

Upscale Americans Preparing for New Challenges in These Dangerous Times
By Lee Bellinger
  • Survivalism increasingly goes mainstream as mega-successful Americans embrace preparedness.
  • So much of what Americans have always taken for granted is hanging by a thread – and more people are noticing.
Food, Water, and Shelter

Until very recently, preparing for a secure future simply meant keeping your retirement accounts healthy and growing. Ah, the good old days!
Today, preparation has a whole new meaning and sense of urgency. It’s no longer just about financial preparedness, but actual human survival. I’m talking food, water, shelter – basically, long-term readiness in order to meet the new challenges of surviving in these increasingly dangerous times.
Survivalism has been mostly dismissed – and widely seen as dominated by non-mainstream groups such as conspiracy theorists, anti-government fanatics, and other extremists. Well, my friend, this is rapidly changing.
Survivalism has now gone mainstream. As a matter of fact, it has even taken on a softer, more practical name, called “prepping.”

Circumstances Will Force Americans
to Rediscover Self-Reliance

The catastrophic consequences of decades of bad policies are now roosting on America’s front porches, and they are not going to be shooed away. Politicians who have long since mastered the art of putting off difficult decisions are finding it harder and harder to paper over the disastrous consequences of their arrogant meddling. The phrase “kicking the can down the road” seems to be the favored cliché in Washington to describe this phenomenon, but unfortunately, my friend, the end of the road is quickly approaching.
Understanding the seriousness of this dire situation we are facing is an important first step. Being prepared to face a whole slew of emerging threats is another. For example, minimizing your financial exposure to an economic or potential currency collapse would be a prudent course of action.

Upscale Americans Join “Preppers”

But what happens when all heck breaks loose? Having a well-stocked home and the ability to get out of Dodge is essential. Smart self-reliance is the key to our country eventually recovering , and the more like-minded Americans who embrace this value now, the more likely freedom will prevail after all the dust has settled. America needs to reinvent itself.
“Smart self-reliance is the key to our country eventually recovering”
That’s why I am encouraged that so many successful individualists are looking past all the corporate and political BS. Americans are experiencing conditions that I hope will lead to a new awakening: our national leaders have wrecked the economy and have absolutely no clue how to save the U.S. from the collapse they have triggered – much less deal with the tens of millions of unemployed government dependents, who are becoming increasingly radicalized as Uncle Sugar runs out of sugar (as one of my favorite conservative columnists aptly says). In fact, there are many dangers for which our leaders are completely unprepared.

Massive Unemployment and Financial Desperation
Are Tearing at Our Social Fabric

Take the rise of mob violence in the U.S. You may have caught my report on numerous U.S. cities being rocked by thugs and open gang activity over the recent Memorial Day weekend. July 4th was even more disturbing.
A mob in Peoria shot fireworks at police. Thirteen people were stabbed and shot in Boston. A massive brawl ensued in Atlantic City along with dozens of “teens” looting stores.
In Chicago, so-called “flash mobs” attacked shopping districts, city buses, and drugstores. City beaches along Lake Michigan were evacuated and closed by the police due to mob attacks. Similar holiday disturbances took place in Washington, D.C., Venice Beach, Philadelphia, and St. Paul, Minnesota.
A disturbing racial component to this summer’s spate of urban violence is undeniable. Yet, as black economist Walter E. Williams notes, “In many of these brutal attacks, the news media make no mention of the race of the perpetrators. If it were white racist gangs randomly attacking blacks, the mainstream media would have no hesitation reporting the race of the perps. Editors for the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune admitted to deliberately censoring information about black crime for political reasons.”
The media wants to keep selling the public on the promise of what the “post-racial” era Obama was supposed to herald in. The only people who continue to buy into it are committed white liberals. Street thugs certainly don’t and never did. Latent racial hatred, exacerbated by public schools that ritualistically celebrate “black history” and denigrate whites in history, is being brought to the fore by the bleak economic times in inner cities under Obamanomics.

The Potential for Surprise Negative Events
– Black Swans –
Is at an All-Time High

A recent report from the Heritage Foundation, “Is the United States Prepared for a Black Swan?”, offers an eye-opening overview of why successful and worldly people are changing the face of survivalism. The report cites numerous black swans to which we are extremely vulnerable, including a pandemic virus, a nuclear or radiological event, a super-volcanic explosion, and a long-overdue Nor’Easter hurricane hitting a major population center on the Eastern Seaboard.
“The probability of a major solar flare wiping out the national power grid and other electrical systems is actually rather high”
Among the top potential black swans cited by the Heritage Foundation, one that could result in the deaths of countless Americans, is the very real danger of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from the sun or from terrorist EMP devices.
The probability of a major solar flare wiping out the national power grid and other electrical systems is actually rather high – some experts put it at a greater than 50% chance during this century. And it has the absolute scariest of outcomes, because all of the technology on which our civilization is built – including food supplies, electricity, water and medicine, our banking system, and transportation and communication infrastructure could all be disabled, destroying the country’s economy and unleashing social chaos.
You will be hearing more about the EMP threat from me in the near future. For now, I’d like to commend to your attention a FREE report that will get you up to speed on this key subject. More information appears at the end of this article on why you need to be informed to this very real threat facing all Americans today!

Astonishing New High-Tech Property Development
Focuses on Self-Reliance

Even the establishmentarian New York Times noted “record breaking sales for companies that sell safe rooms and shelters designed to withstand the powerful storms that have killed hundreds of people this spring.”
Noah  Home
Perhaps the most astonishing smart survival project in the entire U.S. is being created on an undisclosed mountain within two hours’ drive of my own hometown, Charlotte, North Carolina. The developer is deeply motivated by the severe dangers posed by EMP to society as a whole. As a result, he is building a totally comprehensive and self-reliant high-tech survival community at a gorgeous location – one capable of providing its own self-defense, year-round food production, abundant natural water supplies, and redundant off the- grid power generation. I recently traveled to this location for a personal tour, and I must say, I’ve never seen anything or even imagined anything quite like it.
The residents will be able to grow their own food, tend to their own livestock, work through co-ops with their neighbors, or delegate those tasks to paid caretakers. The project features state-of-the-art solar power and retractable wind electricity- generating towers (a U.S. government survey shows that the site gets enough wind 92% of the time to power the entire planned community). Known as the Neighborhood of Alternative Homes (NOAH), it is being spearheaded by a residential builder of self-sustainable off-the-grid homes.

Mountain Community Doubles as Vacation Destination

Lee  in Chopper
When I toured the mountain property, the founding developer personally flew me in from a discreetly designed helicopter hanger at his lake house directly to the NOAH site (flight time, about 57 minutes). After a night on the beautiful mountain top, we rode back to Charlotte by jeep. This part of my tour was in some ways more impressive than the chopper ride – because of how thoughtfully well-concealed this particular NOAH site, called High Mountain Camp, is from civilization.
High Mountain Camp reminds me a whole lot of the Reagan Ranch near Santa Barbara, California, of which I was fortunate enough to get a full day tour before the site became a national shrine for conservatives. The best part of the NOAH project is that it not only embraces smart, high-end self-reliance, but their concept of “Survive in Style” makes for a WONDERFUL mountain vacation home.

Crossing the Country to Refuge without a Single Refueling

Noah  Chopper
The NOAH transit chopper at High Mountain Camp landing pad.
Even better, the NOAH team can discreetly convert gasoline vehicles to natural gas, complete with total EMP protection. This is important because more distant NOAH participants can make it to sanctuary by modifying a family vehicle to enjoy a super long-range capacity of 2,000+ miles, meaning that you can reach the NOAH site from pretty much any location east of the Rockies without a single refueling.
I always pay attention to what smart, successful people do. Especially when they have demonstrated a proven track-record of marrying their idealism to real-world practicality. The NOAH project’s moving force is a very serious, technically-oriented entrepreneur with a track record of success.
I am encouraged that individuals of great character and accomplishment are now entering the survivalism field.
We really do need more smart, like-minded Americans acting to protect themselves against the many black swans that threaten our future.
It is a sign of the seriousness of the times that they have started to come forward.