Obama’s Green Energy Boondoggle – Great News for Silver Investors!

Cashing in on massive government boondoggles is how many investors strike it rich. Independent Living News gives you the guidance you need on how to do so honestly, just by understanding some basic principles that are not yet common knowledge.
You already know that so long as the Federal Reserve continues to print trillions of greenbacks to stave off the federal government’s funding crisis, it is good news for holders of silver and gold, as well as other hard assets. More and more people are coming to understand this dynamic.
But here’s another government action that is likely to financially benefit those of us who are clued into the industrial uses of silver and its many applications.
Enter one of the biggest players in corporate-political crony capitalism, the GE Corporation (aka: “Government Electric”). GE is building the nation’s largest solar panel factory. While we regard this government-directed project as a boondoggle, the smart and important thing for investors is to pay attention to the beneficiaries of this new commitment to solar power.
We’ve described the political backing for more alternative energy. President Obama vowed the government would “invest” in a host of programs aimed at “winning the future… especially clean energy technology.”

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA), the third quarter of 2013 was the second largest on record for the U.S. solar energy. Since the beginning of 2011, the average price for solar panels has dropped 60%, introducing many more potential customers to the solar market, and credible estimates suggest that the solar energy capacity added in 2013 will yield enough energy to power 850,000 average American homes.

Investors take note: That’s an enormous potential rate of growth in a relatively short period of time!

Plus, the move toward green energy, such as solar, is happening worldwide. The small but rapidly growing alternative energy sector and its relationship to silver reinforces our major investment themes.
Silver is probably one of the best alternative energy plays you can make – because it’s indispensable to solar-panel and solar-mirror manufacturing. Silver is vital to a great many electronics and technology applications – which also include wind energy, geothermal energy, and any alternative energy scheme that depends on the storage, management, and transmission of power.

Silver-Driven Solar Power Is Set to Grow
Are You Positioned in the White Metal Yet?

Let’s examine silver’s vital role in solar power. It takes as much as 80 tons of silver to produce 1 gigawatt (GW) of solar power.
On a worldwide basis, solar power-generating capacity by 2020 is projected to surge to at least 20 times the amount of current solar capacity. Even with a conservative projection, solar’s share of silver demand could reach 130 million ounces per year this year and continue through 2020.

Most Don’t Know How Widely
This Industrial and Medical Marvel Is Used

We’re not even considering all the non-alternative energy uses for silver such as investment, health, electronics, or textiles! Silver alone is a great investment as we’ve been highlighting for the past few years. And the global push toward solar energy makes silver even more valuable.
Keep your eyes open and be prepared to take advantage of developing opportunities as governments push demand for more solar power. Silver supplies that are already tight will come under even more pressure in the years ahead.