Virtual Strip Search or TSA Groping – It’s Your “Choice”

Under new federal Transportation Security Agency (TSA) travel requirements, federal bureaucrats have outdone themselves.
If you take your family on a trip by air, the authorities are presenting you with a “choice.” As a condition of flying, parents can now be commanded to either expose themselves – and yes, their children – to either virtual strip searches or being groped in their private parts by federal government employees.
This is, in effect, a national white-rat conditioning project of the federal government – make no mistake about it friends! And it is just the beginning.

Airport Porn Parade or Sexual Assault
as a Condition of Travel:
Who Won the War on Terror Again?

This reality first made national news when John Tyner, a San Diego resident, was randomly diverted from the metal detector line and asked to enter one of TSA’s sleek new “backscatter” x-ray machines which peers through all clothing. But since he refused to submit to the virtual “strip search” procedure (through which officials peep at passengers’ nude bodies from a distant monitoring room), he was told he must undergo a highly intrusive pat down. Tyner declined to allow his groin area to be touched, and repeatedly stated that only his wife and doctor are allowed to touch that area.
For that, he was barred from flying and detained. When he ultimately left the airport, he was informed he would face a civil lawsuit.
The 31-year old software programmer’s situation only made the news because he had the presence of mind to record the truly chilling ordeal on his cell phone. And because the incident got picked up by the Drudge Report, which specializes in publishing big government abuses of power that “mainstream” news agencies tend to spike.

A Chilling Recording Documents
the Actions of Abusive, Vindictive Bureaucrats

The Tyner recording became an Internet phenomenon in 2010 and even triggered a movement in Congress to review the new technology and “procedures.” It’s a choice for the travelling public between being irradiated (itself potentially harmful) inside a virtual strip-search machine or being “administratively searched.”
When Tyner told the TSA agent who wanted to feel his groin area that he would have him arrested if he “touched [his] junk,” a supervisor was summoned and told Tyner:
If you’re not comfortable with that we can escort you out and you don’t have to fly today.” To which Tyner responded: “OK, I don’t understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying.” “This is not a sexual assault,” the supervisor can be heard saying. To which Tyner shot back: “It would be if you were not the government.” The TSA supervisor responded: “By buying your ticket you gave up a lot of rights.” “I think the government took them away after 9-11.” Tyner responded.
Following this exchange Tyner was “escorted” to the American Airlines desk where once again “security” descended upon him. They insisted if he tried to leave the airport he would be subject to a civil suit and a $10,000 fine. In the background of this remarkable recording, Tyner’s father-in-law, a retired law-enforcement official, can be heard pleading with the TSA agents to be reasonable. You can listen to the whole encounter here.
Even as federal employees are now empowered to gawk at naked travelers or feel them up, it is traditionalist groups such as the Boy Scouts of America that have come under media and left-wing assault because they utilize aggressive screening to discourage, deter, and stop pedophiles who may wish to become Scoutmasters. We wonder if similar screening is done on TSA employees…