Eight Ways to Avoid Becoming a Health Statistic

We’re about to present you with an alarming statistic, one you’ve probably never heard, and one that may shock you to the core.
According to a study we found, up to 200,000 people are dying every year from hospital errors. That’s more than die from strokes, lung diseases, and car accidents. It’s more than die from Alzheimer’s and diabetes combined.
We like to think of doctors and nurses as all-knowing gurus when it comes to our health. But sometimes, they’re almost as clueless as we are, making it up on the go. That’s not to say that most doctors and nurses are dangerous or careless – but some are, and the consequence could be your life.
Eight Ways to Stay Healthy
without Putting Yourself in a Hospital
  1. Improve your diet and exercise more. It’s the most obvious (but too often ignored) rule of thumb – the single greatest way to avoid ever needing medical care in the first place.
  2. Avoid prescription drugs by taking steps to boost your immune system. Consider using health supplements such as vitamin C, garlic, and the herb echinacea to improve your immunity. All are available at health stores like GNC.
  3. Buy a copy of the Merck Manual. This is essentially a handbook for doctors which they frequently reference if they’re not sure what to do. Purchasing a copy will give you loads of medical insight – and help you treat some of those health problems yourself. You can get it direct from the publisher right here.
  4. Get preemptive medical screening exams for common potentially deadly health problems such as cancer and high cholesterol. These usually aren’t covered by insurance and are only available outside your doctor’s office. But catching problems like heart disease before they kill you is well worth it! Visit www.healthfair.com, www.healthcheckusa.com, and www.lifelinescreening.com.
  5. Test Results
  6. Take a DNA test. DNA test kits are now available. These kits aren’t cheap, but they’re a nice supplement to diagnostic screenings and a great way to determine whether you have a genetic predisposition to any diseases.
  7. Consider medical tourism. Other countries have strong medical systems with good care for a fraction of the cost. A double knee replacement, which costs $100,000 in the United States, can be done for only $20,000 in Costa Rica. Medical tourism is increasingly in popularity, particularly in countries like Panama and Israel.
  8. Research different natural tips for staying healthy. There are plenty of dietary modifications out there that supposedly work wonders for certain ailments and diseases. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture notes that test subjects who drank six 8-ounce cups a day of watermelon juice for three weeks experienced a 22% increase in Arginine (a vital amino acid that boosts blood flow to the heart). Make sure you fact-check these cures before you rely on them. There are plenty of myths floating around out there.
If you do end up in the hospital, remember that you are at higher risk than you might have thought. Heading off health problems on your own should be your priority.