Are You Throwing Away Money?

Maximize Your Dining Experience
Minimizing Your Expense

To reward ourselves after a long week, we often find that a nice meal out with our wives, husbands, and/or friends is a great way to relax and enjoy some good conversation. However, one of our biggest pet peeves is overpaying and ultimately feeling unsatisfied with the dining experience.

In a 2014 Zagat study, the U.S. national average cost of a meal (drink, tip and entrée) was $39.40. Eat one meal out per week for two people and that’s $78.80 (annualized cost of more than $4,097) even before factoring in an appetizer or dessert!
Imagine if you can decrease that cost by $25, $50, or even $100 at each dining experience with a myriad of venues to choose from?
Few people know it, but the web site offers you the ability to purchase coupons to a plethora of restaurants while also being able to customize the search based on location, price, type of cuisine, and more.
The best part is that there is no annual fee for this service. After subscribing, you will begin receiving emails offering 80% discounts on restaurant coupons. So, for instance, a coupon that will save you $25 would typically cost $10. But with the 80% discount, the cost of the coupon is only $2 – effectively saving you $23 per dining experience!
Life Hack: Look for restaurants that have a BYOB policy, saving the enormous mark-up most establishments take on alcohol. And consider ordering your own salad, but share one appetizer, one entrée, and one dessert with your dining partner. This not only reduces the tab, but also it skews your meal more to the healthy side!