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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Is Hillary Clinton Sick?
Hillary Clinton has avoided unscripted media appearances like the plague. She hasn't held one in over 200 days! Why is[...]
Deadly African Outbreak Could Spread to West
While everyone’s attention is on the Zika virus, a deadly outbreak in Africa is reaching epidemic proportions. Not Ebola. This[...]
NSA… Hacked!
The agency in charge of national security… well, it’s not so secure. A group of hackers calling itself the “Shadow[...]
The Secret Plan Behind Obamacare Is Moving Forward
Here’s the dirty little secret about Obamacare. Obama never wanted it to work. He and his cronies wanted to create[...]
Generator Crushed Like a Coke Can…[Video]
You’ve probably never seen this before. I know I haven’t. When I invented the PowerWhisperer I knew it had to[...]
[Video] Detailed Topographic Maps at Your Fingertips
If you’ve ever been in a survival situation—or if you just enjoy spending time in the great outdoors—then you know[...]

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