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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Artificial Sweeteners Are Making You Fat
When foods are labeled with words like “diet” and “reduced sugar,” it sounds promising. It gives you the hope that[...]
The Anatomy of a Fake News Cycle
In case there was any doubt, new evidence has come to light that CNN has been pushing the story that[...]
Dems Lay Groundwork for Presidential Ouster
House democrats are already laying the groundwork for removing President Trump from office. There’s been talk — a lot of[...]
When What Could Never Happen to You… Does
No one expects to be kidnapped… or to find themselves at the epicenter of a devastating earthquake… or to be[...]
Is Your Drinking Water Safe?
Flint Michigan hasn’t been in the news so much lately. Probably because President Trump is taking the water crisis there[...]
[BREAKING] – Congressman’s Shooting Predicted by Lee Bellinger…
Congressman Scalise was recently shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter. This was a surprising event for everyone but Lee Bellinger.[...]

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