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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

You Can Sue Trump Over Global Warming
At least that’s what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week. Their decision gives 21 children and young[...]
Europe Fines Man for Sexism – Crazy Laws that Could Come Here
It happened in Belgium. A young broke the law while driving. An officer pulled him over to ticket him. And[...]
Government Unions on the Ropes
The Supreme Court is looking at whether it’s constitutional for government unions to force federal workers to join and pay[...]
More Gun Laws Aren’t the Answer
There few things that make my stomach turn like a school shooting. There is just so much wrong with innocent[...]
Arizona Considers Bitcoin for Taxes
Cryptocurrencies are typically viewed with suspicion by governments. On the one hand, the government loves the idea of a cashless[...]
The Power of Bias
If you doubt that someone will praise something Obama says and then condemn Trump for saying the exact same thing,[...]

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