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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Upper Midwest Power Grid at High Risk of Collapse
Here at Independent Living, we’ve told you again and again about the risk of a massive electromagnetic pulse to the[...]
Disastrous News for the U.S. Economy
It seems like the Democrats have been trying to force a rosy picture of the economy on us since Obama[...]
Government “Accidentally” Lets in More Than 800 High-Risk Immigrants
The Department of Homeland Security just released a disturbing report about national security and the current immigration crisis. With a[...]
If Your Grandchild Has Been Diagnosed with ADHD, You Have to Read This
A top expert in developmental psychology has gone on record saying that 90% of children diagnosed with ADHD are improperly[...]
The Police Want Your DNA… Even if You Didn’t Commit a Crime
Police departments around the country are quietly building up DNA databases. You’re probably thinking this isn’t news. Of course the[...]
Second Amendment: How Does Your State Match Up?
We live in uncertain times. And the Obama administration is working hard to make our cities less safe by fanning[...]

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