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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

But What If the Threat Were Real? Would You Know What to Do?
By now, you’ve heard about the false alarm in Hawaii over the weekend. An unnamed employee of the Hawaii Emergency[...]
Congressional New Year’s Resolutions?
What if Congress decided that 2018 was they year they would: Start reading bills before voting them into law? Stop[...]
Report Shows Immigrants Commit More Crimes
A recently released report shows that when Trump expresses concerns over illegal immigrants contributing to criminal activity… he isn’t being[...]
Far-Reaching Effects of Liberal Policies
There’s a housing crisis in California. A ridiculous amount of red tape makes building hard to do. For a decade,[...]
Government Goes After Food Trucks
I like food trucks. I like them for a lot of reasons. They offer quick, cheap food that is usually[...]
The American Heart Association… Can’t Trust ‘Em
The American Heart Association just published a study touting that a plant-based diet can lower your heart disease risk by[...]

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