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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Don’t Let Your Guard Down
I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend since Trump got elected. People who were committed to being prepared and self-reliant while Obama[...]
Read This If You Have a College-Aged Student in Your Life
When I worry about our nation most, it’s when I’m reading up on what’s happening on college campuses around the[...]
Are We on the Cusp of World War III?
The hacktivist group Anonymous seems to think so. They released a message this week detailing some of the events that[...]
When It Comes to Climate Change, You Can’t Even Ask Questions
I’ve seen a lot of crazy liberal behavior in my day. I’ve witnessed shout downs and public shaming for having[...]
Immigration Activists Protect Domestic Abuser From Deportation
This happened in California recently. A man from India, here as an immigrant, was beating his wife. He was brought[...]
Police Have Their Hands on a New Secret Cellphone Tracking Technology
It’s called Stingray. What this technology does is “impersonate” cell phone towers, which means it can trick cell phones into[...]

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