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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Immigration Advocacy Groups Move to Protect Gang Members from Donald Trump
In California, there’s a database of gang members. The California State government uses it as a law enforcement tool. Immigration[...]
Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Plan to Crack Down on “Extremist” Content
Some of the biggest names on the Internet are working together to keep extremist views off their pages. Twitter, Facebook,[...]
[Video] Secure Your Financial Self-Reliance Through Passive Income
What’s the secret to financial freedom? If you can set up a passive income stream — or multiple passive income[...]
Is Trump Walking Back on Immigration?
The Trump transition team is in talks with individuals it’s considering for the position of Secretary of Homeland Security. Trump[...]
New Weapons Give Russia and China and Edge Over the U.S.
For decades, the U.S.’s superiority in terms of weapons and innovation has been unquestioned and unchallenged. But a disturbing report[...]
The Clock Is Ticking…
I’ve written to you many times about the danger a large solar event would pose to our power grid. A[...]

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