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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Gaps in Your Preparedness? Here’s How to Find Them and Fill Them
The power just went out. Your home is dark. You look outside and there’s darkness as far as you can[...]
Hospitals Putting Patients at Risk
It’s a nightmare scenario. You wake up in pain. You know something isn’t right, that you need help. So you[...]
How Hillary Has Rigged the Election
Not too long ago, there was a video floating around the Internet about how elections actually get rigged. We hear[...]
This is our TREXIT
This presidential election looks like a carbon copy of the BREXIT vote in UK only months ago. We are seeing the[...]
Survival Skill: Building a Self-Feeding Fire
Whether you’re enjoying a bit of car camping, using a backyard fire pit, or lost in the woods and facing[...]
The Obamacare Meltdown
I remember a time when, if you needed to buy health insurance, you researched your options, purchased your plan, and[...]

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