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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

The Growing Threat of the Ferguson Effect
You can’t take about the Ferguson effect without being called a racist. Today, I’m going to risk it. After the[...]
How Much Is Your Job Costing You?
You have to spend money to make money, but your job may be costing you more than you realize. On[...]
Why We’ll Keep Having WEIRD Weather
If you've ever found yourself wondering if the recent weather patterns are a little "out of the ordinary" - you're[...]
Republican Convention—Will There Be Violence?
Hosting a political convention is typically an economic win for a city. And so far, it has been for Cleveland,[...]
Power Grid So Fragile a Squirrel Can Break It
Our nation’s power grid is vulnerable. Sudden spikes in demand… severe weather… equipment failure… communications breakdowns… these can all lead[...]
A Handy Power Outage Checklist: Before, After, and During
One of the reasons I’m so big on self-reliance and being ready for anything is that when an emergency or[...]

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