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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Democrats Say New Jobs Are Hurting Workers
The June jobs report looks pretty good. 213,000 new jobs added last month. Some 85,000 of those jobs were in[...]
Preparedness Tips from a Secret Agent
When you think about being prepared, you probably think about how much food, water, and medicine you have on hand[...]
The Left Goes Crazy Over Trump’s Border Policies
If you haven’t noticed, the controversy over separating adults coming across the border illegally from any children accompanying them has[...]
Is Big Brother Living Next Door?
If you live in Newark, the answer is Yes! It’s no secret that one of the large-scale privacy violations perpetrated[...]
Government Makes Opioid Crisis Worse… Not Better
Really, that’s no big surprise. Typically when government gets involved, they manage to muck things up and make things worse.[...]
Do You Have an Alexa in Your Home?
Lots of homes these days are equipped with smart listening devices like the Google Echo and Amazon’s Alexa. These devices[...]

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