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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

How to Make Your Antibiotics Stronger
You hear a lot in the news about some of the biggest threats and challenges that we’re dealing with as[...]
Terrorism Threat to Spike in Next Five Years
Testifying before Congress, James Comey, the Director of the FBI, warned that once we destroy ISIS in the battlefield, we[...]
We Warned You!
In a recent issue of Independent Living, we warned readers that Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany, is in[...]
Violent Crime Skyrockets in “Sanctuary Cities”
In 2015, violent crime in Los Angeles climbed almost 20 percent. Murders were up more than 10 percent. Aggravated assault[...]
Upper Midwest Power Grid at High Risk of Collapse
Here at Independent Living, we’ve told you again and again about the risk of a massive electromagnetic pulse to the[...]
Disastrous News for the U.S. Economy
It seems like the Democrats have been trying to force a rosy picture of the economy on us since Obama[...]

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