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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

More Reasons to Kick Social Media to the Curb
From a privacy standpoint, staying off social media is just simple common sense. When you think about all the information[...]
Governments Push for Cashless Cities
If you’re a regular reader, it will come as no surprise to you that governments around the world are continuing[...]
Obama Makes Voting “Critical Infrastructure”
In the wake of the perceived crisis created by the Russian hacking scandal, Obama is leaving office on the same[...]
[Video] Who to Avoid in an Emergency
During the aftermath of a disaster, whether it’s long term or short term, you’ll find that most people either work[...]
All Eyes on Russia Means No One Is Watching China
This last week has seen a lot of reporting on the misdeeds of Russia. In response to Russian hacking aimed[...]
21 Signs We’re Living in a Police State
I know a lot of people breathed a big sigh of relief when Trump won the election. But to let[...]

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