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WARNING: Politically Incorrect Info Ahead

Doomsday Bunkers for the Super Rich
Since Trump became president, spending on building survival shelters has gone up by 300 percent. Plenty of people are worried[...]
What Does Sweden Know?
Sweden prides itself on being a peaceful country. The Swedes have dubbed themselves a “humanitarian superpower.” So, I find it[...]
FBI Targets Right-Wing News
One of the reasons I offer a print newsletter is that what I publish there is protected by the first[...]
9-1-1? Is There Anybody There?
Imagine someone breaking into your home. You hear the sound of breaking glass. And then footsteps walking through your house.[...]
Another Good Reason to Get Off Facebook
So, this is creepy. There’s a new app you can put on your smartphone that lets you take a picture[...]
Pharmaceutical Company Sued for Illegal Drug Trafficking
This is an interesting case. It involves a town north of Seattle that has suffered a serious epidemic of heroin[...]

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